Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Look what I received from Kimberly at Camp and Cottage Living!!!

Okay, this is way too much fun and I am definitely having a drawing SOON so stay tuned.  I just have to gather up the "treasures" first.  When I received the package from Kimberly at Camp and Cottage Living I was blown away by all she sent me.....take a gander!  First a lovely Easter card (probably the only one I'll get so I truly appreciate it!)

Too cute, Kimberly!
And then a Mary Jane's Farm magazine!  Don't we love those!  Does this woman ever age?  I think she's had some "work" done as I see no wrinkles anywhere!  Does Photoshop do this?  If that's the case....I'll take all MY pictures and "fix" them.   I thought she was into all natural?  Hmmmm....or is that what organic does for you?  She looks like a teenager!  You go Mary Jane and I will be ordering some "organic" real soon!

 This is one of my favorite magazines!  There's not an article they have that I can't relate to and use!  I swear my blogger friends know me better than anyone!

 Look at this book!  The back cover says it is "hilarious" and it's a Bottom Dollar Girl's novel!  I can't wait to read this as who couldn't use a good laugh these days!  Laughing is like my most favorite thing to do....right up there with being happy.  I think they pretty much go hand in hand and laughing is so healthy for you!

   Just in time for "re-run" season on T.V.! LOL!  I don't subscribe to cable channels so summer can be pretty "dry" when it comes to watching television.  This will be wonderful and I love the old movies better than the current stuff most of the time.  I can just see me this summer when it's 5 zillion degrees outside and I'm inside with the A.C. on watching these old movies and crocheting....oh yeah!  (Summers in the South are like Winters in the North...pull the curtains and stay inside!)

And last but not least, will you look at this retro juicer cover?  Too sweet!  And I think I might even have the old juicer to cover! LOL!  I'll look and post if I do!  I was just thrilled as punch to get this in the mail and Kimberly, how can I ever thank you?  But I will!  You just wait and see!  Please stop over and visit Kimberly at Camp and Cottage Living  She has the most wonderful home and blog on Lake Superior, gorgeous photos and a VERY interesting life!  I can "bearly" keep up with her!  She's been on vacation but I think she's probably home by now so stop in and visit her and  maybe you'll be the next winner of one of her fabulous drawings!

Now I'm off to mow, hang laundry outside and then come in and start gathering treasures for a giveaway!  I'm so excited!   Have a great day everyone!


  1. Wow! Amazing items you received. Lucky you.

  2. Sam
    I'm so glad you were happy with your gifts!
    I love the old movies too. Which is why I thought you would. You know, kindred spirits and all!

  3. My Goodness Sam, you got some good stuff there. What a great drawing.
    I read the Help before it was a really known thing. Loved the book. Its one I got from the Library, so I don't have my own copy. I'll be on the look out over the summer at garage sales for one.
    Nancy Jo

  4. I need to find copies of those magazines. They look completely FAB!! I have to admit I am distracted by the windmill and gardens on your blog. My mind just sort of wanders straight into those gardens!!!! :)

  5. You got some good loot! Thanks for sending me over to Kimberly's, I enjoyed my visit there:)

  6. I've met MaryJane and she does look like a teenager...no retouching there. She is a real natural beauty!

  7. That Kimberly, she is so generous.
    What a treasure both Kimberly and your gifts.


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