Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I spent hours doing the banner....too tired to post! LOL!

     What else can I say other than it took hours to get my banner done and I still can't seem to get that "Farmgirl Sam" out of the right hand lower corner.  If anyone knows how please let me know!  I did "seasonal" banners...what was I thinking?  Now, I 'll have to start working on one for Spring! 
Also, I started "following" quite a few blogs because I didn't want to lose them and now I get an email every time someone makes a comment on one of them.  That's a LOT of emails.  Does anyone know how to avoid the emails?  Any critiques or suggestions are welcome and tips too! 
I did find a very helpful blog about blogging's called Blog Guidebook and I will give you a link on my blog...tomorrow but for now just Google her if you want...I'm "hittin' the hay".  Blogging can be very tiring!  Goodnight all...sweet dreams!  
P.S.  Does anyone know how I can get the same font and size in my text here as I have in my post title?  I'd like it to be permanent and not have to constantly change it every time I post.  I used Advanced settings in template designer for the other fonts but couldn't find the one for the actual post text.  HELP!!!!


  1. I know how you feel. Web design doesn't come easy to me! I feel like I've taken a college course in web building the past 3 months! Although I sure wish I had a teacher to ask questions too!

    @ Creatively Living

  2. Can't help you with your design problems as I'm on WordPress. But you should only get emailed comments on posts if you selected to do so.
    Maybe go into your google account and look at settings?

  3. Loving your blog and thank you for coming to visit mine !! Now following you from Australia xx


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