Friday, January 13, 2012

Guess what I did today................

After making out bills yesterday, I tackled the next big issue.....THE BUDGET!  I am SO bad on budgeting.  I was good years ago but then I started being so busy MAKING the  money that I didn't have time to manage it.  Well, guess what...I have plenty of time now and definitely need to manage my money!   It's easy to move up on the financial ladder but a whole different story to come down.  I have very expensive medicines that I take which I am blessed are available but it has certainly affected my bottom line.   Living on lots less has taken me time to get used to but I'm getting there and tightening my belt has been challenging and yet invigorating at the same time.  
  The file above is for bills and receipts and inside each month is a list of bills. It's just a piece of notebook paper...nothing fancy.   It has the name of the bill, amount due, balance, interest paid, amount paid etc.  I have Quicken on my pc which allows me to pay using check, EFT(electronic file transfer for when you pay bills online), DEP for deposit and SAV for savings.  I  use SAV for deducting per month what I would need to pay bills that aren't monthly, such as taxes etc. 
There are some pictures of some old budget books/systems I used to use  and are still good but now I do everything on my pc.  I downloaded a great, yet simple, budget spreadsheet from Laurie Perry/Crazy Aunt Purl .  Scroll to the bottom of her website and on the right side you will find "Crazy Aunt Purl's Budget Worksheet".  It's the one I use and it long as you plug in the correct numbers and "face the music". LOL! 


  1. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I alsso am retired and love much of the same you do.. I was raised on a farm in Ohio and now live in MI.. The little girl in red with the snow I found on stylersky.. I believe i listed the source.. I am your newest follower


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