Monday, November 8, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted or visited....

I've had a little cold...not much but it slowed me up a bit.  I did have my class for the pillow wraps and got the Christmas one done at least.  I also finished up block #6 of my Folk Art Quilt.  I finally got a new rug shampooer...a Hoover with attachments for upholstery.  They had it at Walmart and I came home and looked up the reviews and they were great so I went back and got it.  I did my bedroom and it turned out great!  And it was dirty with the dogs laying in there every night.  This carpeting is 30 or more years old but it was good quality and it cleaned up very nicely.  Hoover has a pet shampoo that deoderizes and neutralizes any leftover "accidents".  It smells fresh and clean...not for long probably but anything was an improvement!


  1. don't worry, you'll be up & stitchen' in no time flat...and with the season setting into late Autumn, we'll be hunkering down for Winter and can hopefully take time to enjoy....
    Now go fix yourself a nice cup of lemon tea and relax & feel better,,,,

  2. Sounds like you've been really busy.

  3. Hi SaM,
    love your Christmas pillow it came out really nice. Handy you!
    Yes I remember the phone tables. And we has a on the wall wood crank phone with a party line. And you rang central to make a call. Guess who the opertor was in our town, my aunt Fern. So see I'm old. Ha.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Nancy Jo


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