Thursday, October 14, 2010

New bedspread and books I'm reading......

This is my new bedspread!  I call it my "happy bed" now...isn't it delightful?  I love chenille bedspreads and this one is brand new and it came with the shams.  It was on my "wishlist" for over a year and then I found out they weren't going to carry it anymore so I HAD to buy it before it was lost forever!  It is a pale yellow with yellow chenille dots.  Oh!  Did I  mention I love dots too!

I found this book at the library tucked away and it is so awesome!  Laura was one wise woman!  These were her articles she used to write for the newspaper in Mansfield, Missouri in the early 1900's.  She could be writing it for is all still very relevant.  I'm going to try and purchase this book if I can find it somewhere.  It is one of those books that makes you feel good and like you are living in that time.  My Mother grew up in that era and it gives me a glimpse of what things were like at that time in history.  Wonderful book...I am savoring each article!

Another book from the library (I'm trying VERY hard not to buy any books and that is really not easy for me since I love owning them).  This book is current and, as it states on the cover, it is the search for the science of spirituality.  It is very well written and very interesting reading.  Science and spirituality are coming closer and closer together.  There are interviews with prominent scientists and spiritualists and religious leaders.  Excellent book! 

I just have to say that I have long been an admirer of Adriana Trigiani.  I bought my first book by her and it was her first book  also, I think, as a remembrance of my vacation through North Carolina and at that time she was a local author,  so I bought it.  It ended up being the best and funniest and some of the most wonderful books I'd ever read....I think it was Cherry Holler or Big Stone Gap...I can't remember now but there is a Trilogy and you should read them in order if you can.  The last one was Milk Glass Moon I think and it was good too.  This book is totally different and not as funny and takes place in New York City.  It is good but I loved the setting and characters in her first 3 books and I have to say.....I miss them!  But I know we need to grow as authoresses and as readers so I am enjoying this book too.  I just seem to be attracted to books with a rural theme as opposed to a city theme.  Either way she a is a fabulous writer!  I'm not sure that she was really a local author in North Carolina at the time or ever but it was written about that area and I think she might have grown up there.   Just don't quote me on anything....

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