Monday, August 16, 2010

Progress....I think?

Yesterday I sewed an envelope pillow case for a 16 " square pillow form which I don't have yet and got one pillow wrap for the pillow almost done but then I found out I didn't have to have it ready until 8/26 so I painted today.  Then I realized I was supposed to pre-quilt some material for a LARGE bag to make Wednesday at quilt guild and although I had the material I had no batting and the quilt shop is closed on Monday....oh boy.  But the paint looks nice and the I'm liking the pillow wrap and I had a great weekend!


  1. Sam,
    Thats so nice that you joined a quilting group. Bet that is fun. And I see you are getting pretty good at it too.
    The paint looks nice. Going to have my living room done in the fall. Still trying to decide on a color.
    Nancy Jo


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