Monday, July 26, 2010's too hot to do anything else.

Summer in Arkansas is like Winter up close the curtains to keep out the heat as opposed to the cold, all the windows are shut because you have the AC on 24/7 and so I light candles too!  Just like Winter in the North....too cozy!  Of course, the heat from the candles is probably not too energy efficient but it smells GREAT!!!

This is the salad that I made this morning in my Lock n' Lock ....after all these years I have finally learned from the great chefs of the world to prep in the a.m. so by evening when I am exhausted, either my dinner is ready or it is so "prepped" that I can just throw it together with little or no effort!  Tonight is leftover stuffed pasta shells with shrimp accompanied by this great looking salad!  The shells were Bertolli frozen dinner and I was going to have garlic bread with it but I made tomato bread for lunch ( little french bread slices with tomato slices and parmesan on top under the broiler) so I don't need any more carbs for today.

This is just one of my collection of Lock n' Locks...way better than Tupperware which if you have arthritis like I do is impossible to work fact I'm thinking maybe Tupperware caused my arthritis...LOL!  Just joking Tupperware Corporation....don't sue me but I LOVE Lock n' Lock....easy on the hands, quick and I DO SWEAR my food keeps way longer in this stuff!  You can get it at Walmart and also more sets and options and deals on QVC.

This is my linen closet...I're not impressed...I really should have taken a Before and looks much better now.

Ok..usually my Sundays are R n' R days but I couldn't STAND my linoleum floors anymore so I vacuumed the laundry room, kitchen and family room and washed them all and the rugs that adorn them....WHEW!  My dogs and cat shed more than is normal and the cat throws up and until just recently the dog that I SAVED and wasn't house trained just got with the program...FINALLY!!!!!   I won't even tell you what the carpeting looks like.  Did I tell you I abhor carpeting with a capital "A"! 

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